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27th December 2017 We are hearing quite a lot about the Indian Bitcoin launch, RBI is in plans with launching its own Indian Govt backed Bitcoin using. 27th December 2017 Earlier today, on December 27, the bitcoin price surged to Rs. Ques:Am I eligible for HRA exception if I have Paid rent to my wife/husband. Nowadays real estate bloggers and companies have taken blogging about. Calculate Your Hra Exemption Online Now from below Calculator (fill only yellow cells) QUS:Is it necessary to submit House rent paid receipts to the employer,if yes,should the rent receipt include pan of the Land lord. Salary related to period of rent should only be considered on due basic. Ques:Am I eligible for HRA exception if I have Paid rent to my father. The calculation should be done on separately(monthly) if salary or HRA has varies during the year. rent paid in excess of 10 % of salary other points to be noted Salary for this purpose mean Basic salary commission based on a fixed percentage of turnover. 12 lac plus in almost all the Indian crypto exchange networks saw a recovery.

Hra received 50% of salary in case of residential accommodation taken on rent is situated in Bombay ,Calcutta ,Delhi, or Madras (Chennai) and 40 % of salary in in any other case. However CBDT has exempted the employees who are receiving hra upto 3000 per month from submitting the proof to DDO(Employer) though Income tax assessing officer can demand Rent receipt from employee getting HRA upto 3000 pm. Salary received in period as advance or arrears not related to calculation period should not be included. 30th June 2016 North Bengaluru : As you have already read my earlier post Bengaluru is the King of Real  Estate , By now you have understood. Ans:Employer are liable to deduct tds on salary and in present senario of annexure less income tax return ,there is more responsibility on DDO to check and verify each and every exception and deduction that employees claim. In most of the cases ,House Rent Allowance(HRA) is part of salary package. all other allowances and perquisites is to be excluded ltc trading india. No,Hra exemption if House rent  paid is less than 10 % of salary. DDOs is empowered under income tax act to get and verify proof to saving and hra receipt from employees. For calculating 40/50 % as per point 2 above place of residential accommodation is important ,not where the person is working.

Ans:If you have actually paid the rent to your father then you can claim the benefit ltc trading india. if you have any different views or any point left in this post ,please record in the comment section. More over my advice is here that we should avoid fake claim.Bitcoin Cash.
. suppose Rajiv taken a house in Delhi on rent but has working in Rohtak than he is eligible as per point 2 upto 50 % as house is situated in Delhi. 26th February 2017 Top Real Estate Bloggers in India. Every person thinks very well before purchasing any property. Again exemption is denied where an employee lives in his own house, or in a house for which he has not paid any rent. .Monero.Bitcoin.

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Top Real Estate Bloggers in India. Every person thinks very well before purchasing any property. Nowadays real estate bloggers and companies have taken blogging about...
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Please provide me the provisions of LTA and documents required in respect of it. Is it possible to allow an employee to avail the benefit of it in the first year of their service. Further I want to know as a employer what are my responsibilities as employer while allowing exemption u/s 10(5) and
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In most of the cases ,House Rent Allowance(HRA) is part of salary package .so exemption of Hra how to calculated is most of us is want to know in fact most of person already know about HRA exemption,I am giving this to shares my understanding on the above issue which may be useful for many of this
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